Monday, April 9, 2007

Life and Times

It’s 10:55. I have been at work for three hours and I still haven’t put my make-up on. I haven’t blogged in what seems like a really long time. My friends have been concerned enough about me to call each other and ask if I’m okay. I’ve been really busy, and haven’t made time like I should have and now they’re all starting to take notice. I have a close friend that I no longer enjoy being around, and I don’t really know why.

But enough of that!

I have a busy week this week:
Today -- returning all the crap that I bought for Easter and a friend's baby shower that I don't need/didn't use. Grand total $157.00. (Ridiculous, ain't it?)
Tomorrow -- work and Angela Thomas DVD taping in Knoxville
Wednesday -- work and Angela Thomas DVD taping in Knoxville
Thursday -- work and... I'm torn. We had Beth Moore Bible study, but it's the last night of taping for AT, and it's only a six week study. I don't know what to do!!?!!??!!
Friday -- recuperate from Monday through Thursday.

Easter was good! He got up!!! I did manage to buy clothes that are too big for me since I apparently am no longer able to shop for myself. I looked like a really clean homeless person yesterday in my clothes that were obviously a size too large. Go figure.

The crush came to my house on Friday night, and a good friend got to meet him. Saints, please pray for me that I won't act stupid. Seriously!!!

My heart has been so richly blessed by John 17. If you haven't read it, do so today.

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