Friday, March 9, 2007

@ ? ! & %

I mean no reference to profanity. It is... a lack of words. I feel some strange sense of obligation to this blog. I'm struggling with thoughts about soul transparency, and thoughts of over-exposure. I read one blogger's writings yesterday about how they do not ever talk about their blog. Because it blurs real life. Then I realized how annoying I probably appear that I talk about mine. Then I read a book last night about how EVERYONE is weird, and we all pretend that there is a level of normalcy that we are desperate to achieve.

So... maybe I am weird that I want people to read this blog, maybe I'm even more weird that I want people to comment, maybe I'm the weirdest person you will ever meet because secretly, I want you to start a blog so that I can comment on you too.

So, here are my thoughts:

1) I want you to read this thing.
2) If you disagree, tell me. Then I can get mad because you don't think that I am profound and deep, and thus challenge my perceptions, etc, and I'll blog about it the next time around.
3) I like comments. I like comments anywhere... here, phone calls, text msgs, email, myspace, facebook, in person. I'm an equal opportunity lover of comments.
4) I assume that if you don't comment then: a) you think I'm an idiot, b) you're too busy, or c) you're just lazy
5) I am fully aware that these presumptions are ridiculous, but to think that I would think otherwise is presumptuous that I am always rational; ergo, you don't know me at all.
On to other things... Mr. Phil Stacey is officially a part of the top 12 American Idol contestants. When he cried last night, I cried. I'm so excited for him. I sent out a mass email to people several weeks ago asking them to vote for him! Phil is truly talented, and while he's not done the best, I can't imagine the pressure I would feel standing in front of a few thousand people, and knowing that several Million televisions were on me too. My voice would probably crack a few times too. I would be "pitchy". (I am so tired of hearing Randy say this, that I want to "pitch" him too.) Paula would probably tell me how incredible I look, simply to avoid saying "Honey, can't you do anything else?". Simon no doubt would be critical and tell me that hiding behind my purple contacts doesn't help my singing, and that I'm "awful", "horrendous", or "the worst hotel-lounge act" he's ever seen. And I would cry (because I'm me!), and try to have some witty comeback. ... I've totally veered off topic... Anyway... keep voting for Phil. I'm amazed to see God working through this. He will use anything. Even Simon Cowell to get Glory. God is not respecter of persons.

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Broken Shadows said...

I am a little B but you can give me a whole lotta CCCCCCCC!!!! I have no shame. *shrug*

Have a great weekend!