Monday, March 19, 2007

They finally like my hair...

Well... it's Monday. I was off work on Friday due to "ILLNESS". Touch of bronchitis and laryngitis. I sounded like a 13-year old boy going through puberty on Friday. Hysterical. Much better now though!!!

Friday was fairly uneventful. Visit to a doctor who attempted to prescribe $150.00 worth of meds. And that was a negative! Got some cheaper meds, passed out in front of others (Yes, the Climax of Embarassment), had to be driven home, crashed.

Saturday... felt better... got out for a bit. Spent $40.00 on cards. Easter cards, baby shower cards (I'm throwing one for my friend K.), and three really special cards. Here's what the special cards say:

Knock, Knock

Who's There?

Guess Who's not, because HE GOT UP! (Matthew 26:8).

I seriously got excited in Wal-Mart. I mean... HE GOT UP! God is good. :)

Saturday night, a friend of mine came over, and we just had some time to share. I'm not always the best listener, but that's what my friend needed me to be. She was receptive to things that have been on my heart for a few weeks, and really just needed somebody to encourage and listen to her. It was a good 'ole girls' night.

Sunday -- got up and went to church, then Outback with some friends. Watched Tennessee beat UVA.

At church yesterday, four people walked up and told me they really liked the color of my hair. So... it's official. I actually really like it too... it's cheaper, and it's more natural, and I don't have to color it as often. I need to color it badly now, because there's so much white, but it doesn't bother me as much. I actually said "Thank you" too, instead of going into some schpiel about colors and all that jazz.

On to other things... I think I may have hurt a friend's feelings by accident. I don't get to see this person much... hardly at all, but they made mention of it, and now I'm scrambling to figure out a way to see them when I'm in town. I totally didn't mean to come across so non-chalantly about their life; it really was an accident. Hopefully the situation will work itself out this weekend.

Since I had a lot of downtime this weekend, I was able to get all of the cards addressed, signed, and most of them mailed. It's a good feeling!!!


I'm reading a book that breaks down a part of Luke 5:17, where Jesus heals the man whose friends bring him in to see Jesus. The author referres to it as the Fellowship of the Mat.

I would love to expound here, but it's not the right place or stage to do so. I will say this. I have quite an ecclectic group of friends. Personalities, hobbies, locations, all play a factor into the dynamics of our friendships. Some do things I would never do, others do things I wish I could do. But I love them all anyway. I'm human, and more times than I wish, I fail to make the right investments in their lives. Sometimes, I'm just broke and can't, or trying to work on other things, and geniunely don't have time. Again, I'm human. But... I still love them and pray for them, and am thankful for whatever time I get to spend with them or talk to them.

And the fellowship of the Mat involves the realization that, for my friends to see my Mat, then I must be vulnerable. THIS... in all that it is, is part of my mat. If I have chosen to include you, then please know that I am showing you a part of me that I try to reserve for those who I need to see me vulnerable. Because I'm human.

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