Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

Here is the list of thirteen medications/home remedies for cold relief that I have received as suggestions today:

1) Jesus... and divine healing.
2) Z-pak
3) Mucinex
4) Jack Daniels
5) Honey, Lemon, and hot water. (Drink fast. Go lay down quickly)
6) Combination of #4 & #5. Lay down very quickly. And don't attempt to operate heavy machinery.
7) Zyrtec -- b/c somebody thought I was a Sissy.
8) Claritin and Tylenol Cold.
9) Theraflu (???)
10) Time under a humidifier
11) Vaporub on my chest
12) Lots of water and soup
13) Zycam

There are alot of ZZZ's in that list, and frankly, that's what I would like to be doing right now.

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