Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I took a break from blogging yesterday. I had nothing to say. Or, I had nothing to say that would have been positive. I don’t want to be in a whiny mood, and I cannot figure out the source of my immediate frustrations. I feel like a lot of things have been getting on my nerves recently, that typically wouldn’t, and I’m just letting it get to me.

And to think, my intention was to not share my whiny mood. Boo.

Last night, we wrapped up Stormie O’Martian’s study on the Power Of A Praying Woman. I wanted to share thoughts about this study, for anyone who may be considering doing so.

1) It is the group-thought (my group from this study) that this is obviously Stormie’s first DVD series. She is not as “polished” as we were hoping.
2) The sound technician is either a) not a close friend of Stormie’s, b) hearing impaired, or c) trying to do more than one thing at a time and is THUS unable to point out the flaws of an ear-microphone.
3) While the DVD’s lack a sense of enthusiasm, the homework is pretty good. The Scriptures should be scriptures you are familiar with, they are just organized in a different structure to help the participant.
4) Do not attempt to use this bible study as a follow-up after completing a Beth Moore study. It will leave you with a sense of disappointment.
5) Stormie and her group have taken the time to include very beautiful prayers at the end of each of the ten weeks. Last night, I read the last one aloud to our group. It was a testament to how we feel, what God is doing, and the multitude of good things God wants to do in our lives. I am going to try to swipe a book at lunch so that I can share it. I seriously loved it.

I feel like those seem more negative than positive, but that was not my intention. I will say, it doesn’t matter what study you do, getting together in this kind of community will encourage you, even if the study isn’t up to the par you were hoping. During our ten-week study, we’ve have the privilege of watching God heal one of our “groupies” from Breast Cancer. Now, if that ain’t the power of praying – I don’t know what is. We are continuing to watch God do really awesome things in our individual lives, our church(es), our families, and friends. And we know that God is far from done. Our problems and prayer requests become more intricate each week, but God is still God, and He hears us when we pray. I am not an eloquent prayer. I often quote scripture during prayer because I know that, when words fail me, I have nothing else but to stand on The Word. For me personally, I have been challenged to pray more deeply, with more passion, and with more conviction. Oh that we could all be people that, when we pray, we touch the Throneroom of Heaven with our prayers, to shake the world.

On a less spiritual note, I have been so thankful for this study and the opportunity to get to know the precious women (with whom I have been studying) so much better. They make me laugh, smile, and cry nearly every week. They encourage my soul with their hugs and words. They bless my life with their presence. (Okay… this somehow got slightly-spiritual.) They listen, and then offer advice with candor, love, honesty, and experience. I mean, what more could I ask for? Seriously, when I think about Hawaii, I want to pack this group of women up, and take them with me. I am confident that none of them would object (provided I could bring their husbands and children too).

For the record, I feel much better now.

On to really non-spiritual things... Phil Stacey did such a good job last night!!! And I love the sign that his family made for him! It was so sweet. I recorded AI, and just fast-forwarded through the first hour to see how Phil did. I'm so proud!!!

Ooohhh... I'm at a juncture that I'm almost bookless. Does anybody have a good recommendation??? Anything???? If you do, let me know, and tell me why it's good. I can be easily captivated by the first page, or by another's testimony. :)


Holly said...

Do you like historical stuff or historical fiction? The Phillipa Gregory books rock....they are the "inside" story of King Henry VIII and his many wives. I couldn't put them down! They are historically founded but have fiction to them as well. If you haven't read them, then start with "The Other Boleyn Girl" and work your way thru.

Jenn said...

I prefer historical stuff, but I'm okay with either. I ordered the Boleyn Girl on Amazon... so I'll let ya' know... :)

Holly said...

I promise you won't be able to put it down! I have read the entire series that is out to date. All are excellent except the last one and it was just so-so. Didn't seem to be as compelling. But there are tons of other books that fall in between the first and the last one. I have them all if you decide you want to read more.

Oh, don't know if you'd want to do but Praise in Motion is dancing again for spring performance in mid April in Dunwoody.