Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I received an interesting nugget from last night's bible study, and here it is (in third person).

"Stop overanalyzing and being so introspective. Stop looking for Jennifer. Find Jesus."

That may not be profound for anyone else, but it is so cut and dry for me. I'm a nerd about things, but there is a ridiculous movie that I have seen probably fifty times or so -- Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's dead. Christina Applegate is in the movie, and while the plot is irrelevant, there's a line that her boss says, and then she reiterates in the climactic scene. It is:

"Times... they are a-changing".

For me, times ARE changing. I feel like I've made that statement a thousand times, and no one ever believes me, and while you may not believe me now, it doesn't matter. Times are changing, I'm changing, life is changing. Enough of that.

I really don't have much else to write. I'm kinda focused these days, and definitely think that's apparent in my blogging. Tonight is "church night", so I'm debating on whether to help in the middle school ministry tonight, or just go to my class. I have a few errands to run -- Old Navy to take some pants back that are WAY too big (halelujah!), I need to run to LifeWay in Chattanooga, and take something back to the Dollar Store in Cohutta. Tomorrow night is Girls' Group, and I think C. is speaking. She always does a good job. Attendance is going to be down the next few weeks because of the Holidays, but that's okay. My roomie leaves for two weeks tomorrow, so I'll have the apt to myself.

Works calling (literally), so I've gotta go!

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