Thursday, November 30, 2006


I will try to post a Thursday Thirteen by the end of the day. In the mean time, I wanted to share that I had a dream last night that I won $192 Million dollars in the Georgia lottery, and then (as the dream continued), I started giving money away.

FYI – I went to bed last night at 8:40 because I have a fever. And… I was on drugs (Tylenol Cold and Airborne to be exact.)

$192 Million

Paid tithes -- $19.2 Million dollars.
Paid off my student loan debt, all my other debt, bought a house and an SUV.
Paid off my family debt (houses, cars, etc).
Bought my best friend a new house, and put $$ in her bank account, so she could quit her job and go to school fulltime.
Gave Lee $2 Million and asked them to name something after me. (Narcissistic, ain’t it?)
Bought my friend Jenn an apartment in NYC with no critters.
Paid for my Holly friends’ children’s college funds. (A., B. & L.)
Bought my brother an apartment of his own with a doorman and an elevator. Paid off his student loan debt.
Paid off my friend C.’s vehicle and put $10,000 in bank for C.
Quit my job, and went back to school.
Helped Step-Dad finally retire.
Put $10,000 in my friend M.’s bank account.
Put my cousin and his wife through school.
Put my friend’s husband M. through college, and paid off her student loan debt, and put up college fund for their new baby J.
Bought my friend Michael a store so he could share his craftiness gift (and other talents) with others.

I could go on, but I kept paying off debt for folks. I also bought my stepbrother and his girlfriend a house, forced him into rehab, bought my stepsister a house, and gave her a few ultimatums too. The only funny part in my dream was that, every time I paid something off for someone else, I made them sign a legally binding contract to bless other people. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I did. I just kept rationalizing in the dream that, if I have no debt, and I work, then I am mandated to bless other people. I don’t care how I bless them, but in order to be a good steward, then I HAD to do kingdom work. Does this make sense to anybody? (I sometimes don’t think anyone reads this thing.)

Long story even longer… I love those kind of dreams. I really do want to be a “lender and not a borrower”. In this case, I don’t even want to be a lender,… I just want to help other people, so that they can help others. Yes, I’m a nerd, but this is called a multiplicity effect, and it rocks. Jesus digs Math. Don’t be fooled. Need I remind anybody of the story where Jesus fed the 5000, which by all historic accounts was actually 15,000 because the writer(s) didn’t include the women or children? See… that’s God math right there.

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Jenn said...

thanks for the apartment!