Wednesday, November 8, 2006


So, I ran across this site somehow, but if I had to retrace my steps, I could not. I do however like the idea of thirteen, seeing that it is my favorite number. I may try to be creative, and Michael, Holly, and Holly… if you still read this – then I am tagging you to do it too. I think these are supposed to be short, but they’re not. :)

“My” Thirteen – funny memories from childhood

1. After my parents divorce, my mom would buy shaved turkey and onion rolls and make ronzoni salad (it’s a pasta salad), and we would have the best lunches on Saturdays. If we were REALLY good, we’d get Claussen pickles too.
2. My best friend and I would take my pink boom box to the front porch and make up dances to songs off of 107.3FM out of Columbus. It was scandalous.
3. I had a Barbie doll named Teresa that I would never let any of my friends play with. Somehow I deemed her special. She was probably a Puerto Rican Barbie, and closely resembles Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives today. She had a cute beach outfit and yellow high-tops and I thought she was the coolest.
4. At the parsonage on 8th & 8th, John Mark and I had a sandbox and we spent two or three days making the most intricate fort only to have it suddenly infested with ants and later destroyed by rain. Before it’s untimely demise, we were very excited about it.
5. The Christmas after I graduated from high school is referred to as “The blue Christmas”. I was (and secretly) still am obsessed with Navy blue, and everything that I got that year had navy in it. Everything. That’s also the year I acquired the Big Blue Bible, which is by far one of the greatest things I own.
6. I remember the first time I heard the other side of the Radically Saved cassette tape by Carmen. The backside of that tape is the 1) Jericho: the Shout of Victory (also where I learned a little Japanese that I, to this day, still remember, 2) I Feel Jesus, and 3) the God of All Nations Medley. I had been sick with Strep and out of school. My mom brought a lamp in my room and turned the tape over and hit play. I remember crying in bed just in awe. Really, it was the first time I understood missions work. For a brief time, I wanted to learn another language and be a missionary.
7. We played the Most awesome games of Cops and Robbers with all the kids in my neighborhood during the summers between 7th-9th grade.
8. John Mark and I used to play Bank Teller by sliding Monopoly money through the slots on my closet doors. This was Pre-ATM days (circa 1986). I am proud that we were ahead of our time technologically.
9. I had the biggest crush on Davy Jones from the Monkees. My BF Laura and I would watch it everyday at 5/4Central on Nickelodeon.
10. There was a pastor in Alabama named T.P.Allen, and my family used to make fun of him by calling him Wigwam behind his back. The first time I met him, I asked my grandmother (out loud), “Grandmama, isn’t he Wigwam?” I got a spanking for that.
11. I wanted to be a financial investor when I was really little. I somehow scammed my grandfather into giving me $1.05. To this day, he reminds me periodically that I owe him interest on that loan.
12. We used to play E.R. at Mrs. Deb’s house with Robyn and Crystal, and all the neighborhood kids. Everyone died at some point, or was wrapped in Ace bandages from an accident, and everyone knew how to write up a patients chart.
13. Whenever the bug man would come through the neighborhood (every night!), all of the kids would “hit the deck” and fall on faces until we though the smell had died down.


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