Monday, November 20, 2006


Well... I did not finish my To Do list this weekend. Oh well... I did go to Praise in Motion, and that was actually pretty cool. Makes me miss dancing like that! Got to see a friend from high school that I haven't seen in twelve years... and had a good time! Stayed with my friend in Duluth too; we had a blast as usual. Did leave my charger at her house.. AARRgH. Oh well!

This week... BUSY!
Today -- missed half a day of work trying to tie up some financial matters. Only supposed to take 15 minutes, but took 3 1/2 hours instead. Saw Snow. It was snowing in Cleveland! Yes... this is a BIG DEAL! Skipping dance tonight, because I have to be completely packed and get the house cleaned! Here's my schedule for tomorrow though:

6:00 -- Rise & Shine
7:00 -- Leave for Work
8:00-5:00 -- Championing Diversity Training Course at work -- also must make deposit and withdraw $$ from savings
6:15 -- Final Daniel Bible Study -- dinner with women from FBC
8:30 (Hopefully) -- leave for W.P.

3:30 AM -- Rise & Shine
4:45 -- Leave for Airport
7:00 -- Off to NYC for Thanksgiving!

So, I'm not excited about having to get up at 3:30 in the morning, but I am psyched about seeing my brother. And... the Macy's Day Parade... and not being in Alabama for family drama. (God IS merciful!)

Gotta run!

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