Monday, November 27, 2006


I haven’t blogged in a week. This is sad! So much has happened. This blog might be long, but I’m going to try to recap:

Monday night – skipped belly dancing, went home, packed, cleaned, watched TV (I’m slowly starting to really hate TV), and went to bed. Fixed up my myspace a little too… I think.

Tuesday – Got up at 6:00, left my house by 7:00 to be at work for an all day training seminar by 8:00. At lunch, I ran some banking errands to make sure I had some cash and didn’t have to pay ATM fees to pull my $$ out. After training seminar, ran a few more errands before heading to final Beth Moore bible study at First Baptist Church. (I’m so sad… I’m going to really miss those women these next seven weeks. :( ) Didn’t leave Bible study until 9:30 – headed home to West Point. Prayed that I didn’t leave anything I needed in Cleveland because there was no way to go back and get it! Got to WP at 12:30.

Wednesday – 3:40a.m. wake-up call. Headed to airport – great flight! Kinda dragging, but so pumped to see my brother!!! Once we got there, … I don’t remember what we did first. We eventually went eat lunch somewhere. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten already! Anyway… Wednesday night, JM took us to a Mexican place close to his house. I know we went to Home Depot on Wednesday, but I can’t remember what we got the first time. We also went to K-Mart too. We got an air mattress, and Mom and I did some cleaning while JM & Bill worked on JM’s apartment a little. Wednesday night, JM and I went to the Big Balloon Blow-up in Central Park. Had a lot of fun. I took a picture, but don’t have my chord so I can’t upload it yet. Later.

Thursday – we all kinda slept late on Thursday. We had lunch reservations at a place called the Brasserie. We got there an hour early, so we walked around for a little while. Lunch was at noon. The Brasserie is a 5 star restaurant, and lunch cost us $300.00 for four people. And… I wasn’t all the crazy about the food. I can never be one of those people who dines in elegant, upscale restaurants on a regular basis. 1) I don’t make that much money, and 2), I’m ENTIRELY too picky. I offended the Executive Head Chef because I didn’t eat all my soup. How do I know I offended him? He came to the table and asked if everything was okay and if I liked my soup. I’m sure if I liked Butternut Squash soup, that his dish was lovely. Personally, it was nasty, and gold colored, and definitely not appetizing! Thursday night we went to Times Square and didn’t do a whole lot. It was really nice.

Friday – we ran a lot of errands on Friday! We made another two or three trips to Home Depot, I found an AWESOME stationary store right up the block from JM, and then got to see my friend Jenn Friday night. I am so proud of Jenn, and told her. I have a lot of friends in ministry, but only two or three that have stepped out of the “ministry” box and are doing something different. I’m not knocking what everybody else is doing, but Jenn is definitely special to me. She inspires me in ways that I can’t articulate, and am not even going to try. I even WALKED all the way home instead of being a sissy and taking a cab. (See Jenn!) My mother and brother did not appreciate my brazenness, but I was quite proud of myself for not being afraid of the city. Plus, it was only like two miles, and seriously, how hard is that?

Saturday – we got up and went into downtown again, to show my mom a few things. She’s never been in Sak’s, so we took her. She did pick up a $5000.00 scarf, and my brother had a panic attack and made us leave almost immediately. I think he thought my mom was going to tear it or something. Very funny. We ate lunch in silence, because we all knew we were going to be leaving. Those are the times I wish I could just stop being afraid and move up there with JM. He initially said no, until I agreed to pay half rent, then he decided it was okay. :) Right before we left, JM took me into the West Village and showed me an art store that he has been scouring. All of their pictures are only $25/piece and they’re all really good. Definitely think that will be where we get a few of JM’s Christmas presents. Our flight was an interesting journey too. We were supposed to board and leave by 6:30, but our flight didn’t take off until almost 8:40. And we were on the plane for most of that time too. Then,… we lost our car. Apparently in our exhaustion from not getting any sleep Tuesday night, no one remember to text themselves where we left the car. Craziness! But… really funny.

Oh yeah… Saturday, I walked down 2nd Avenue in my pajama pants. Okay, so it was 7:30 in the morning, and my mom and I were walking to the Laundromat, and nobody else was really up, but it was still thrilling in its own right. All in all, I had a good time in New York. I love my brother and am very proud of all that he’s done. He’s a good kid.

Sunday – I slept until noon. I know… it’s awful, but I was exhausted. My step-brother and his girlfriend stopped by for a visit. I went to visit with my grandparents. I came back and fell asleep again. (Horrible, I know.) Then… I came back to TN. I got home late last night.

Today – I am SO behind at work. I’m a little frustrated with me, because I could have gotten things done, and yet, I didn’t. Sometimes, I do not make wise decisions.

I did have a moment where I had to laugh out loud at/with God. There is a situation that I have been praying about for a very long time. In the middle of Times Square, there is a 15 ft high by 80 foot wide giant plasma screen with my prayer on it. I had to laugh. Just too funny, and too large, not too laugh. With that, I know that God is in control. I have NO idea what God is doing, but He’s in control, and I’m glad I’m not.

Coming back to work today makes me so desperate to do more in life. “There’s gotta be something more, gotta be more than this…” I realize its silly to borrow a lyric from a country song, but I think it sums it up best. “Got to be, got to be, got to be…” As a matter of face, I KNOW there is.

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