Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Divine Lack of inspiration

Last night, on my favorite tv show EVER, one of the most fitting lines was ever said:

(referring to my beloved David Caruso)

"Lieutenant, I'm just a blogger."

I seriously cracked up sitting on the couch.

'Cause y'all... I'm just a blogger.


In other news, I'm trying not to turn back into a TV junkie, but seriously, it's getting harder. Tonight is Biggest Loser, and the results show for Dancing With The Stars. I think the Cheetah girl and her partner are falling for each other. Next week's routine may involve more kissing. If I see tongue, I'm gonna have to stop watching that show.

And... if y'all don't watch Numb3rs, you are a L-O-S-E-R. Mathemeticians are SEXY.


I've had discovered alot of acquaintances/friends who blog. This makes me happy.

I'm very happy that Really? WOW! has begun blogging publicly again. You should stop by her blogville, get some Yo Gabba Gabba up in you, and leave comment love.

(That makes me sound country-ghetto, doesn't it?)


As far as bloggin' goes, I think the hardest part for me was finding "My voice". If you've been reading along with me for more than... two days... you might think I'm still struggling with that too. I probably am, but I definitely have a better grip now than before. I've had to build some ground rules of my own, and while I have a regular compulsion to break them, :) I realize that I put them in place for good reason.

Like, writing about all of my crushes.
Or mentioning many many boys by name.
Which would get me in LOADS O' Trouble.


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