Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Various and unsundries... Part Cinco

I actually started this post yesterday, and got distracted so I made the executive decision to scrap it and start all over.

First off... can I just say Thank you Lord for the rain? We need it desperately. I got an email this morning asking for people to pray for a daily rain in the evenings, so that people who work in construction can still complete their jobs without interference. So Pray!

I got my hair "done" yesterday, and ... I don't like it, which is no big surprise to ANYONE. I called my mom afterwards and she said, "Jenn, do you ever like your hair?".


I get to stay in D-town tonight and *hopefully* get to work early so that I can leave early. That's kind of a selfish reason, but... it's my reason.


I started to write about my dentist and then I realized who crucially BORING THIS POST IS. Oh well.

Training the new guy is wearing me out. HE is wearing me out.

Other than that... everything else is good. :)

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Jenn said...

I'm glad things are good, but I still miss your thoughts! :)