Thursday, October 18, 2007


Sometimes, I get tickled at why I do things.

Case in point: Yesterday, I had to box up several things for work. We order boxes in 10-packs with this plastic strip around it.

After I cut it initially, I cut it into small pieces.

And thought to myself, "Self, WHY do you do that?"

Then, I cracked up laughing.

Having grown up in the 80's, and I mean, in the midst of the entire Nancy Reagan "JUST SAY NO" program, as well as the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" campaign, I realized I was cutting those plastic strips up, just as I do the plastic rings off a six-pack (OF COCA-COLA, Y'ALL), so that...

(big finish here)

Should any of my trash get dumped in the ocean, no sea life will die with my plastic strips or coke rings on it's neck.

And thus, I was transported back to a time when we had more than one recycle option in my house (paper, clear plastic, green plastic, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, you get the point), and it made me very happy.

And it means I'm saving the Planet and I really DO want world peace.


Bitsy said...

I am VERY proud that you cut up the plastic from 6 packs, so do I. I actually did see a cat with one around it's neck one time!!!!
That is a funny sight to say the least, watching him try to get it off. He was not strangling, and got it off rather easily. love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ten bucks says that wasn't a 6 pack thing on it's neck. It was a neck collar from the vet to keep it from scratching a wound. Hahahaha.


Holly said...

How funny that we just stay in the habit of things huh!

I posted a devo today that made me think of you!! Love ya!

Clay said...

LOL... remember when nancy reagan appeared on different strokes with the "just say no" campaign!?