Thursday, October 18, 2007


So, the last few nights, I have had the most bizarre dreams. I dream alot anyway, and I typically dream about people who have been on my mind, or in my presence. (I also dream in vivid color with understood concepts. My psyche is quite a thing, huh?) But, back to the point. This week -- my dreams are not lining up normally. I have dreamed:

- that my step-brother passed away
- that somebody sent me a check for $400.00 (I choose to believe this one was PROPHETIC!)
- that I was married to Aaron, a season 1 contestant from The Biggest Loser
- that I was hanging out with Morgan M., a girl I used to work with at LC


I have no idea.

Have you had any crazy dreams lately?


Bitsy said...

I have strange dreams all the time! Some are the kind that stay with me throughout the day and I can't shake them ~ some I just laugh at ~ some scare me. There are certain times of the month I dream more vividly than others ~ sorry guys, just a fact of life!

I used to think if I dreamed of someone in my past or that I had not talked to in years that I had to check on that person. Thankfully, I found that was not the case!

I do have a recurring dream that a doctor told me one time was anxiety ~ and I dream it everytime I have some big event, etc. I am naked and in the hall at school. Cannot remember my locker combination or my class schedule. When I finally figure out my schedule, I've not attended the classes for weeks and will probably fail. Go figure!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait til you spend the night at Bitsy's Thursday. You'll dream you're in a forest and come upon a logging operation. The roar of the sawmill and hum of the chainsaw will startle you. ...Until you realize it is Bitsy snoring. =)


Bitsy said...

It seems funny that the ONLY person that has described my snoring as a "chainsaw" is NTBNPF!!! That's all I have to say ~ right now at least! PPPTTHTHPPHHH or whatever it is I am supposed to type to stick my tongue out at you and make noise!

Bitsy said...

PS ~ Hey Jenn, is there a way to block certain anonymous people from being able to read your blogs?!?!?!?!?!?!?! hahahahaha
And aren't you glad you started us on this???????