Monday, October 29, 2007

Let's Play Dress Up!

Last night, my circle of friends had a Halloween Party. I'm not really creative when it comes to solo costume choices, so Saturday morning, I drove to Red Bank to Beauty & The Beast Costume Shop. (If you are ever, and I mean EVER, in need of a costume, they are the place to go! I rented a bear suit from there two years ago, and I still have pictures from it.) Well, although it had not be actually said, this was one of those Halloween parties where you just knew that Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, and devils weren't acceptable attire. So, being limited to not have to wear something with a head (i.e. The Bear Suit), or something devilish in nature, I resorted to funny costumes.
Oh, but I was reduced by size as well, dontcha know.
'Cause they don't manufacture alot of costumes above a size 12.
(Next time one of you size 12 or below is griping about not having something to wear, do not be surprised if an unsympathetic bear shows up on your door. Consider yourself WARNED.)
Back to the topic... I tried on a flapper costume that was sadly, too sheer, and the saleslady proceeded to compliment me on my matching underwear to the entire floor ('Cause you know, EVERYONE needed to know that I had on matching underwear(!)). Then I tried on a habit, as in, AHEM, a Nun, but I just look weird. I mean, I'm kinda prude sometimes, but not Nun-material if you know what I mean. I really like the Wilma Flintstone costume, but it was too tight, and I couldn't see myself dressing up as Dolly Parton and being able to have any shred of dignity. So, I settled on a French Maid costume.
I can try on things in a dressing room and love them, but then, when I HAVE to put them on, I have totally shopper's anxiety and moments where I realize I have the worst taste ever. And I did last night.
Plus, the whole being a 'Big Girl' Thing didn't help either. I felt like a FAT French Maid. But then I had an epiphany!
My friends, God Love them, ask me some of the most random questions ever. I know alot of random stuff -- I can't help that -- and my friends know it and use it. I am affectionately called "411". So last night, after I decided I looked like a cow in Black taffeta and Crinlen, I thought I'd be funny. So I taped a bunch of "Answers" to my apron, and wore a nametag, and went as 411 dressed up as a French Maid. Ironically enough, very few people got it, but didn't ask alot of questions. :)
But ... HANDS DOWN... the best costumes of the night went to my friends M. & L. who dressed up as Dog & Beth Chapman. They were AWESOME. ALOOOOOOOOOOOO-HA.
Here are the group shots:

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Holly said...

Dog the Bounty Hunter must be popular this year. Some friends over our way had a party this weekend and one couple came as them as well. No dressing up here for me....the girls have a party tomorrow. Lex is Snow White and Ana is Cinderella. Mommy just has a nice shirt with pumpkins, bats, and a ghosts on it.