Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have a never-to-be-named-publicly-friend, and it has become a regular occurence to now shorten that to NTBNPF.

This totally makes me think of NKOTB.

Whether it's Step by Step, Keep Hangin' Tough... NTBNPF, I think You've got the Right Stuff!



Anonymous said...

If I am indeed a NTBNPF, how come I keep getting publicly named? Hahahahaha. xoxo

Anonymous said...

ps - maybe we could come up with a better moniker! "She Who Must Not be Named" or "The Shadow" or probably the best option..."Wonder Woman"! haha! xoxo

Jenn said...

I keep talking about you publicly, but I'm not naming you.

"The Shadow" makes me think that you need a getaway car, a costume, and possibly a sidekick. But I'm still working on something for you.

Anonymous said...

There are definitely days when I need a getaway car, a costume, and/or a sidekick! =)

Holly said...

How about "The invisible friend" ...she's your friend and you know she is there but none of us have proof of her! LOL

NKOTB...Oh my goodness Jenn...that makes me feel WAY, way old!

Bitsy said...

This is not really a comment for this post. For some reason I don't think you are getting my e-mails. Did you get an e-mail from me about Thursday night?