Monday, June 9, 2008

Because my friends never cease to make me laugh.

My good girl friends crack me up. Regularly. Never in a million years do I think that they mean to say what actually comes out, but over the last few years, I've tried to take time and document the hilarity of it all.

Friend 1: "When did they start having American primaries in foreign countries?"

Friend 2: "What are you talking about? Where?"

Friend 1: "They had a primary in Puerto Rico!"

** It's important to note that Friend 1 has a Master's degree and a father that teaches High School history.**

Friend 1 was mortified last night at dinner when Friend 2 decided to tell me. I promptly took out a notepad and wrote it all down. I mean... the first thing that comes to mind is "OM, I should blog this!". :)

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Dan Morehead said...

Sweet...thanks for stopping by my blog in return. Are you really a ninja?