Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is one of those things I just love to share

My first year at Lee, I became really good friends with my resident director. All I really remember was sharing my heart with her the second Sunday night at Lee, and the rest is ... well history. Stephanie is one of those really interesting people who takes a geniune effort to get to know you. God knew how much I needed her that first year, more than I have ever articulated! Now is not really the place to share details about her, except to tell you that she had such a passion for children in orphanages, and all the girls in our dorm knew it. She always talked about adopting as many kids as possible once she was married/older. It's not that I ever doubted her, ... I guess we lost touch after a few years, and it was one of those facts that I put in my mental filing cabinet.

A week or so ago, I was browsing around on myspace, and found out that she had a blogspot... to document her and her husband's adoption of a girl from Russia. She and her husband Jack (who I also knew) have two biological children. Their story is incredible... and I know that Anya will be the first of many children who receive more love than imaginable from Stephanie and Jack.

Go pay 'em a visit!

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