Sunday, June 29, 2008

I downloaded Tetris on my cell phone a few months ago and have become totally addicted. It's nice to have something to do while I'm waiting at a doctor's office, when I'm not really ready to go to bed, and when I find myself with nothing else to do. My little math brain gets excited trying to calculate getting the pieces to fit just perfect to create a Tetris and/or completely wipe out all the little boxes and have a clean slate. I get so frustrated where there is no where to put a piece, specifically when I have open slots and a square comes up -- it just messes my little board up.

But I'm reminded how Tetris is a lot like life. We work so dilligently to get the pieces to fit together, to have those Tetris moments in life where all is good. We also know that we occasionally have times where we have pieces and nowhere to put them. You add stress (or higher levels) and the pressure seems almost insurmountable.

Tonight while I was playing, it made me think about acceptance. Specifically at homecoming for my Alma Mater this year -- we'll be having a first. I wish I could say that my need for acceptance -- my need to have all the pieces fit together perfectly -- had gone away, but it hasn't. I still seek approval from people, specifically some people who will be in town the first weekend in November.

It's in this moment of ridiculous frustration (let's face it - Tetris is NOT life), I have to remind myself to stop trying to fit into the molds, to just be me, and not have any expectations. People will always be people, and trying to make them accept you or love you does no good. Plus, I am more deeply reminded that Jesus spent his lifetime trying to love and befriend people, and they spit in his face, persecuted him, and killed him. But regardless of how people received or perceived him, Jesus still loved them, said Hi to them, and kept on.

And I can too.

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Jules said...

I think we all have a need of acceptance. I know I do! But you are right, be your true yourself, that's who everyone loves the most!