Thursday, June 5, 2008

So seriously, I wore heels today.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but last night, four friends and I went and saw Sex and the City. I want to tell you up front, don’t go see this movie. It has a fun plot, and a great ending, but there is seriously some nudity in this movie. And some other stuff that I’m going to have to burn out of my corneas. JUST DO NOT GO SEE IT. If the “made for tv” version comes on TBS in a few years, … maybe… for now, just take my word on it.

…but the movie made me think about a few things.

I’m not going to justify why I went and saw it because they would take entirely too much time on the ole’ bloggy here, instead I want to prove that, even in a random movie that I should not have seen, you can walk away from things reminded about life.

Without sharing the plotline for those of you who, despite my warning, are going to see it anyway, you need to know that one of the big morals of the movie is how women focus so much energy, effort, and emotion on a wedding versus the actual marriage – which would be funny, if it weren’t so true. Seeing as how I’m single, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on that topic, but I definitely think it parallels life in other ways.

Watching this movie made me wish God would move me to New York. There’s no way in the world I would ever live like these women, but my brother has given me a great appreciation for the city and it’s own beautiful culture. New York is truly like none other. If you haven’t ever been… go. Just do it!

There is a lot of ridiculous accessorizing in this movie. I mean… many many things that people don’t wear. For example… a bird… in a woman’s hair. That is just not normal. Fortunately, near the end of the movie, that bird gets brought up again and totally made fun of. Thank Goodness!

I was reminded after the plethora of outfits that, I don’t take enough pride in what I wear. I have some really nice things (nice things I didn’t pay an arm-and-a-leg for), and I don’t wear them… and I’m not sure why. Almost as if I’m afraid to really put forth the effort into what I wear and how I present myself. One of the things I love about visiting NYC is that you actually wear whatever you want, and nobody cares. I always get a big self-esteem boost because for the few days I visit, I’m not inhibited by worrying about what other people think about what I’m wearing.

I hope you followed that last line.

So today, I broke out something that I’ve thought was a little “too much” for work and decided that, 1) it fits, 2) it’s pretty, 3) nothing is hanging out, peeping out, or risqué, and 4) I’m not going to have a lot of opportunities to wear it if I keep thinking like this. And I decided that my favorite stiletto heels needed to make an appearance too.

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