Monday, June 2, 2008

NKOTB **Updated**

I realize that, in the scheme of all things relevant and important, this will not top the list.

But something has happened to me lately, and I believe it is similar to people who contract a disease long after a vaccination has been discovered... i.e. polio, yellow fever.

I recorded the "first concert" for the band as they premiered on GMA on May 16th. Everytime I watch it... I get OVERLY EXCITED. I mean, giddy, and WEAPY. Tears, y'all,... TEARS. And today, the tickets went on sale. I have driven a few girlfriends crazy about them too (sorry H.!).

Thinking I'm being dramatic, I resign that, I may not actually get to go to the concert on October 29th, and then my friend C. sends me an email today with this:

We actually were just over at Joe and Barrett McIntyre's house yesterday!
When is the ATL show? I will talk to Barrett and see what I can do!

And I am overcome AGAIN. I have a suspicion that once I finally get to this concert, I may break into hysterics. If I make the 5:00 News in Atlanta, you'll know why.


After a small fiasco which required me to ask if anyone AT WORK had an AMEX card, I am now the proud owner of a ticket.


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Anonymous said...

Holy cow! You know someone who went to their house!!!!! This person also can get you a ticket? You are a lucky, lucky girl!