Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm watching Matthew on TV right now, and he makes my heart smile.

As I write this, I'm sitting in a friend's house in Dalton -- bloggin' in a new house, if you will.

The last few days have been nice to get some perspective, but mostly, to save some gas $$$. Can we just give Jesus some praise???

BooMama, Rocksinmydryer, and BigMama have been sharing some bloggin' tips that actually offer some really good advice. Reading some of their notes from the SheSpeaks conference has made me re-evaluate why I blog. So I thought,

Y'all would want to know, right?

Okay, maybe you don't care. Change the channel. :) I really started blogging after reading blogs from my friends Holly & Jenn. While I rarely use their names, I need to say that both of them are tech-savvy, and definitely inspired me as well as paved the way for me to really begin this journey o' blogging. Both of them have had several blogs (you pick your service... I'm confident one of them has used it). While that last remark may seem like a jab, it's really quite the opposite. Both of them are incredibly create and inspirational, and by them having the wherewithall to post their lives on the internet, I couldn't help but feel compelled to do the same.

**For the record, they both went to Lee before I did too.**

I did have a really hard time finding my voice though. I believe that I have had at least nine blogs to date.

I'm sorry, I got distracted watching "I Love the New Millenium: 2005", particularly the search for the new Pope. Hilarious.

Anywhoo... in the beginning, I struggled with what I wanted to say, but mostly, who I was talking to. I used my blog to attack a guy that was hurting me. I used my blog to express my anger at work. I used my blog to document my less-than-soap-opera life. When you misuse the internet, it will bite you in the butt, and I'm no exception to that rule. That guy -- sent me awful emails and texts. That co-worker -- went to my boss. Yeah... not cool.

Every blogger has to deal with "over-exposure". When you invite people to read your thoughts, you invite their comments. I definitely struggled with feedback too. I think every blogger has to come to grips with the fact that people are invariably not going to like what you write on occasion. They will tell you. It happens.

I still have some blog-issues, but I have issues with life in general, so I just chock that up.

But I still blog, and I enjoy blogging. I no longer have any desire to get my words published, but I did in the beginning. I wanted to be profound and deep. And then I wanted to be funny and silly. And then I had moments where I wanted to be informative. Bottom line, my blog is very much my personality (if you know me in real life), it's just an extension of it. This year, with both the purchase of my domain and redesign of the blog, I really have a deep sense of ownership not just of the site, but more of me.

My only problem now... I want everyone to blog.

This is seriously why I don't drink. :)

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