Tuesday, June 17, 2008

so, ugh, we, ugh, ... met again.

my goal for tonight is to embody the spirit of e.e. cummings and be both Sporadic with my punc.tuation and capitalIzation as I possibly can.

i. need. To. feel. SOME SENSE. of , randomness.


so, in all seriousness, (because my own personal o.c.d. tendencies will only allow so many grammar and punctuation mistakes), I feel the need to move on. The hiatus is over... I am again engaged in my fbc bible study. Our group is small, but we're not looking to meet some denominational statistics. Tonight was our first night back in what seems like three of four months (although I'm somehow certain it was shorter than that). We're studying "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter, and I say with confidence that I am both excited and very much in need of a new study.

Don't get me wrong... I'm loving Rob Bell, but if the girls in my girls group keep looking at me the way they do when I ask a question or respond to something, I'm going to stop speaking altogether.

I may fake mute or something.

Or not. Anywhoo.

After pampering myself with a pedi this evening, I hurried to catch the ladies and join in. I do need to say that while I am a huge HUGE fan of Beth Moore stuff, she cracked me up in the video. She rocked alot and at one point, I thought a Boeing was gonna land with her hand motions! But before you think I am mocking someone disrespectfully that I respect, please know that just sharing our requests tonight was critical and very much needed.

Let's face it y'all... we've all got some serious needs.

And if you don't, then watch the news. There are needs. Gas prices are up, hopes and housing sales are down, Iowa is nearly underwater, and nobody can eat tomatoes without fear of serious gastrointestinal junk. Times are rough.

I would love to always be cheery (although apparently I get more fan mail when I am so ridiculous emo it's not funny), but I am not.


And he totally rocks my world. Especially today when I need it. Especially when my boss has been nasty. Especially when my coworker won't shut up. Especially when the friends I thought were my real friends show their true colors and prove they REALLY don't care. Especially when I totally second guess myself on decisions that I was once confident about. Especially when I still get freaked out reading Revelations thanks to all those weird movies from the 70's they used to show at church. (Remember? What if I stumble? What if I fall?) Especially when I do something dumb. Especially when I feel insignificant.

when my whole world sucks. He doesn't. He rocks. Not only is He The Rock, but He Rocks. He rocks my heart to sleep when I am crying in my pillow. He rocks my world with a sunrise everyday, and breath in my lungs.

Do you know Him?

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