Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Frankly, we knew once we rounded the corner we were toast.

Last night, two good friends and I decided to walk the Breezeway, a very nicely renovated (nearly three mile) walk in downtown C-town. We ate dinner, and as we were moving outside, realized that, thanks to the rain, thunder, and lightning, we wouldn't be walking outside, so we promptly decided to walk in the mall.

I've walked the mall a thousand times. I want that on record.

But three partial shopalics who decide to take their credit cards in just in case knew we were in trouble when we rounded the corner and spotted Bath & Body Works. In case you're unaware, B&BW is having sales all thoughout June. Last week, I went to the B&BW in D-town, and purchase 9 large body washes and a big lotion for $26. That's an average of $2.60 per item. Last night, they had a lot of little things on sale, and I stole walked away with 15 items for $21 dollars (and that was with TN's 9.25% tax!)!!!!

The last several months I've been making gift baskets for people and have really had a hard time finding bath stuff that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I'd like to note now that, for a whopping total of $47.00, I now have enough "filler" lotion, body wash, and other stuff to fill 9 gift baskets. I love it!!!!!

And after B&BW, we moved on to Maurice's and Cato. We didn't even make it a whole trip. And we're not sorry about that either! :)

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