Monday, June 16, 2008

father's day rundown.

I had good intentions to post a Father’s Day blog on here, but I got kinda busy.

I went to Birmingham to visit my Dad.

He started at a new church yesterday and it was interesting to say the least. As I was standing by my Dad’s wife, I got asked at least three times if I was the pastor’s really young wife.

Can we all say EEEEEWWWWWWWWW???

I promptly replied at least twice: “No, I’m his really old daughter.”

Many Methodists churches have something called “children’s time” during the service, where they tell a very short story or mention a very brief moral lesson. Yesterday, being my Dad’s first service and all, the children’s director decided to let the kids introduced themselves and tell something they really like. As they go around the little semi-circle, each child (around 4 or 5 years old) says their name and follows it with some sport. “I’m Suzy, and I like gymnastics. I’m Tommy, and I really like baseball. I’m Liz, and I like to play tennis.” MDW leans over to me and says “Man, this is a really athletic bunch of kids, huh?”. We were both laughing. Then, they asked my father to say his name and something he really enjoyed.

“Well, my name is James, and I like to dance.”

Seriously, the whole congregation started laughing. But the funnier part is the my Dad really does like to dance. :)

My Dad preached a sermon on a “Life that matters”. I am so thankful for the men in my life whose Lives Do Matter, who have made an impact on me.

We followed the service up with Chinese at Mr. Wang’s. YUM!!

Hope you all had marvelous Father’s Day!!!!

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