Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today marks my 800th post. Crazy, right? In honor of my 800th post, I'm going to tell you 800 things about myself.

yeah, right. I'd lose you by #5.

Well, regardless, I am going to share some things about me... but only in 8's, and I want to hear about you too. In essence, I'm tagging you all.

8 Things I love
My family
Matthew Gray Gubler
My big blue bible
New York City
Coca Cola
New pens

8 Things that give me the Heebie-Jeebies
scary movies
New Jersey
serial killers
Vans... down by the river

8 places I've been to
New York City
Panama City

8 random facts
I feel naked without my ring or a watch
I hate "fixing" my hair
I don't apply make-up until 10:00 during the week and do so at my desk (better light)
I've tried to change my name twice
I prayed for boobs and fingernails (used to bite them in the quick) and got both, but realize now that I should have prayed for flat abs. (Sorry TMI)
I screen my phone calls sometimes
I had to eat goat when I was in Jamaica ... ew...
I wet the bed until I was 8

8 fav TV shows
The Biggest Loser
Criminal Minds
CSI: Miami
So You Think You Can Dance
Degrassi: Next Generation
Jon & Kate Plus 8

Happy 800th Post to MEEEeeeee!!!!

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Bitsy said...

Happy 800th!!! Check out my answers here:

crittyjoy said...

Congratulations on the bloggy milestone :o)

Some of your favorite shows are my favorite shows :o)

Aims said...

8 Things I love
My family
New York City
My dog, Sawyer

8 Things that give me the Heebie-Jeebies
blood and guts.... surgeries on TV
bugs in general
coming home after not being there for awhile and it's all dark
seeing bad car wrecks
Unsolved Mysteries.. that guy's voice used to creep me out as a kid
Bad dreams that seem real
chainsaws at haunted houses

8 places I've been to
New York City
Beverly Hills
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Panama City Beach

8 random facts
I can turn my feet backward
I took ballet for 5 years
I am OCD about some things
My grandmother is a minister
I crave sushi a lot
I cannot stand Paris Hilton. Every time I see her I cringe
I had 4 years of Spanish and can't remember hardly any of it

8 fav TV shows
Grey's Anatomy
Dancing With the Stars
Desperate Housewives
So You Think You Can Dance
Don't Forget the Lyrics
America's Next Top Model
What Not to Wear

Mimi said...

Okay Chica, here are my 8's!

Butterbean said...

I think those of us who have tried calling you more than once already realized you screen! Hahahahahaha!

8 Things I Love: Savior, Hubby, Daughters, Rest of Family, GA Football, Reading, Singing, Sports, Country Ham

8 Heebie Jeebie Things: skin diseases, realistically bad dreams, boiled okra, oysters, lice, staying alone, economic outlook, bugs

8 places I've been: Newport News VA, Niagara Falls, Destin, Highlands NC, Dallas TX, Madison WI, Minneapolis St Paul, NYC

8 random facts: I was hit by a car in 8th grade, I don't like staying alone, I was an athletic trainer at UGA, I held my breath as a toddler when angry, That might have had negative effects and caused the 1st random fact, I'm competitive, I love to teach, Kids crack me up!

8 Fave shows: The Closer, Cold Case, House, Man vs Wild, The Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order CI, Dirty Jobs, College Football