Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, I do believe that all my blogs as of late should start with a :(.

Today... something UBER-INTERESTING did happen... but I can't, under penalty of law, tell you anything about it.


I can tell you that as I was leaving my house early this afternoon, I noticed that the patch of ground around my mailbox was submerged in water. I panicked because I've never seen it like that, and suddenly realized that's where my sewer line box is. So, I called the landlord and five hours later, he turned my water off to prevent me from having Wolman rink on my driveway seeing as the expected low for tonight is 25 and water freezes.

But, now I can't flush the toilet.

I did go buy water jugs so I could brush my teeth (which coincidentally should be a prerequisite like always putting on clean underwear for an unlikely-but-anticipated car wreck), and wash my hands and stuff.

The water will hopefully be fixed by tomorrow, or at worst case by Monday.


Oh, and should mention that I carry my camera in my purse, and therefore have to carry extra batteries sometimes.

Well, one of the batteries apparently sparked and melted my lipstick. I went to dig something out last night, and realized my hand was HOT and knew immediately that there was a problem. Since my purse does not come with hand warmers and is not equipped like heated seats. (But wouldn't that be something for purse manufacturers to think about in really cold climates? Like a clutch that doubles to keep your hands warm on your excursion to Antarctica and also comes in 11 colors to match every ensemble you may be packing? It's just a thought.) Clearly, I'm just thankful that my purse (full of COMBUSTIBLE PRODUCTS) didn't also combust. Thank you Jesus.

So, I also had to run to Belk's today to pick up a tube of lipstick.

And then of course I had to pick up three of my favorite sweaters in three colors I didn't already have.


on second thought.


My life is NEVER boring.

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