Tuesday, November 11, 2008

stretch. shake. breathe.

Leslie Ruth mentioned NaBloPoMo this morning, and so... for the record, I totally wrote a post yesterday (and posted it), but with my former prayer request, I decided it was best to take it down and get an attitude check. I'll make up for it somehow.


Last night, we stayed at Nathan's parents house until almost 10:15. If you are praying -- A BIG THANK YOU -- and please keep praying!


Off the Sub... Vanilla Ice has a new album out today. Including three new remixes of Ice Ice Baby.

wait... you read that right. Rob Van Winkle is droppin' the beats again. Too Cool. Too Cool.

All I'm sayin' is that if the Go-Go's and The Bangles get back together too, I'm FOR SURE getting a perm.


SEC fans don't play around. Whether or not you believe that a game is actually the cause of this nasty incident (I don't), either way... you should consider yourself warned.

And just know that there are entire families that haven't spoken because Super-Alabama-Fan Little Bobby married an Auburn gal. Or some cute Georgia girl married a GT boy -- Her Daddy's still probably mad about that one.

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