Sunday, November 2, 2008

And suddenly, I'm not SO worried.

I really do worry about getting married. I'm fully aware that that's COMPLETELY the opposite of what I should, but the upcoming birthday gets to me.

And then I get a chance to watch three episodes of My Big Redneck Wedding and suddenly:

1) I realize my standards are good,
2) There really is someone for everyone, and
3) That show makes the South look good.

Thoughts? Comments?

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Bitsy said...

That is a hoot!!! Might have watched some of the same episodes you did. We was a "surfin" through the channels on Friday night and found us a marry-thon. WOW, is all I can say.

The south is GREAT!!! People assume that when you say redneck, it automatically means the south. NOT TRUE!!!! One of the episodes was in Minnesota.

Worried about getting married is the LAST thing you need to worry about. God has a plan, we are just impatient ~ and you are great, single and all.

Love ya