Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I find myself snooping blogs more these days than commenting. It's so tacky and I'm sort of frustrated with myself. In my defense though, some blogs use a format that I can't comment on at work (not sure why), and by the time I get home I forget. That doesn't excuse the not commenting the rest of the time though. Must. Try. Harder. Boo.


the next few weeks are crazy busy:
  1. 4/25 - CF walk in Chatty, birthday party for roomie
  2. 5/2 - JM in WP. YAY! Early Mother's Day celebration. Wedding.
  3. 5/9 - Wedding.
  4. 5/16 - OFF. PTL.
  5. 5/23 - NYC. WOO!
  6. 5/27 - NKOTB in the ATL

Man... that's a lot of capital letters. sheesh.


On the flip side, all my bloggy snooping led me to a blog that has "reviewed" fabric stores in NYC. I think I blogged about this yesterday, but I'm still superduper excited about it. All the ideas I've been swirling around in my head are about to come to some fruition! I cut out the fabric to make an apron last night, and I'm really excited!


I'm incredibly unmotivated at work.


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kristen elisa said...

I think that one of your dates should read:

5/3/2009- Kristen Pace comes back to the United States. :)