Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm pretty sure I'll be giving up caffeine after 5 now. No, VERY sure.

I had the MOST INSANE DREAM LAST NIGHT, and it was bad enough that it woke me up and terrified me a bit.

I dream all the time, and have good dreams where I have understood concepts and feelings. And I dream in vivid color too (some people don't!).

Last night, I married one of my (present) guy friends, and we were happy. We had two daughters, and after we had the second one, he and his mother decided that I was unfit and tried to take the two girls away from me. I remember having to go to his mother's house to get the girls a few times. He would just take them and not tell me where he was going.

I had to file for divorce in the dream and figure out how to keep my kids. And then I woke up.

WOW. It really freaked me out! Not to mention that, in spite of the fact that the friend I married is cute in real life, this definitely puts a damper on ever dating him. Scary stuff.

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