Tuesday, April 21, 2009

fruits of my labor

Last night, I did something thrilling!

I broke out my sewing machine!

I can actually sense the disappointment coming from you.

But... I'm determined to get my own etsy store off the ground, so I worked on a few things! And now, I'm all intrigued about sewing. Wishing I'd learned to do this years ago, when you know, I could have really done a lot of things... like say,... IN COLLEGE. Ah... regrets.

Better late than never, huh?


Paige said...

I can't wait to see the store!

Darcie said...

I'm starting an etsy store too! Eventually...I need to block out an afternoon to take photos of my stuff, but first I have to figure out ways to get rid of the glare that shows up on everything due to the stuff I use to clearcoat it.

Any "sewing" I do involves stitch witchery or some other ironable adhesive. I have one of those hand-held sewing thingys but I'm too impatient (or dumb) to learn how to use it.