Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I may have to give up blogging to accommodate my social calendar.

Um... so I've never been civic minded. Not that I didn't have aspirations you know, considering aforementioned ambition, but I've just kept myself too busy with other stuff to focus on the civic things.

That is until the last few months. I have discovered in my age that, people volunteer you for civic stuff. And it's actually a lot of fun!

Last year was the year of United Way for me, including a lovely trip to our local boys & girls club, as well as the incident where one of the Meals on Wheels recipients thought I was driving my car into their house. In November, I was asked to be a part of my sorority's Alumni Association as a board member, and I can't even begin to tell what fun and what a privilege that's been, as well as the work involved. And of course, I'm finally getting more active with CFF, including some events that NONE of my friends know about because I like keeping some things on the DL.

In the last few weeks, I've been invited to sit on an alumni committee/panel (of another sort), I've received formal invitations to 3 luncheons, and was voluntold to write a column in a newsletter.

All the while I am saving to buy a house (THERE I SAID IT), talking to bankers, regaining my life from my bout with the plague, attempting to start a business, navigate through month end close, act like a lady, encourage two women in my life who REALLY need it right now, try not to destroy one or both of my cells phones, successfully use a straightening iron so I don't look like a hag, embrace my red lipstick, not mame New Guy, show people that I AM domesticated, contact friends whose calls I've not returned in months, plan a reunion, and sleep on occassion.

I'd like to take this opportunity to inform the powers that be that I actually do have a life, but am grateful for every chance to serve my community.

And I'd also like World Peace.

Sequins and Sunshine,
Miss Jennifer Calhoun


Mimi said...

Well something has to give, so it might as well be New Guy, lol!

I'll pray for your schedule to fall into place.

Michelle said...

Absolutely one of my favorite of your posts. :) I need to get more involved in my community for sure, this definitely strikes as encouragement to me. :)

love you Jenn. You're amazing!