Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow, How 'Bout Them Tarheels, and Cakepops

First and foremost...

Secondly... we had SNOW this morning. In CleveVegas and Dtown. It is APRIL 7TH. Holy Cow.
Lastly... Here are the pictures from my venture into cakepops. They are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! But I obviously had more fun putting the faces on them than anything!!!

(Lovely Lumpy Lady)
Mad, Sad, and Dead?
All Smiles!!
The Gang.
If you have kids, I would totally recommend this project... just have them ready to decorate! Here's the link for directions on how to make them!


Mimi said...

Cakepops are adorable.

I live in Michigan. While I do not watch basketball, I was sad that we didn't win. So much negative is going on, it would have been nice to have the boost here.

Oh well, there's always our Red Wings. We're not known as Hockeytown for nothing!

Paige said...

Oh I am soooooo going to make these cake pops soon! Thanks for the idea!

Aims said...

Cute. We had snow too, but it's not a big deal for Ohio to have snow in April.

Michelle said...

ooh! thanks for the directions for cake pops! i think the kidlets will love these. :)