Monday, April 6, 2009

Somehow it's not as glamorous now,...

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a Pediatrician, a School Teacher, and Business Woman Extraordinaire. I was fascinated with helping people, teaching people, and bossing people around.

High ambitions, no?

I dreamed of my own office, letterhead and business cards with my business/married/professional name, an assistant who would get me coffee in an exquisite mug, an endless office supply closeet, my own classroom with massive chalkboard and unlimited supply of chalk, or getting to wear really cool scrubs all the time.

And somehow, I fell into a drastically different third options.

I really thought those women who sat at front desks and punched in stuff on keyboards with their long beautiful nails were cool.

I don't even like coffee. Chalk makes my hands gross and dry. Clearly, I was also dellusional at a young age. Where the heck were my parents?

What I didn't dream of were uncomfortable power suits, bosses that were nasty and coworkers that were even nastier. I sure as heck didn't dream of my current commute. I somehow fantasized that the corporate life would be hard but awesome and that I would have this really great man to come home to every night who'd let me throw my heels off, order me chinese, and we'd watch tv together until we fell asleep.

I miss being so naive. And I really wish that man would be at my house when I get home tonight. Although... my roommate may be a little weirded out.

And then, in life's cruel joke, I find myself very much in reality with a printer printing almost invisible ink, in need of anew toner.

Just now, I was walking from the copy/production room with an old toner in one hand and a new toner (in the box) in the other.

And while I was daydreaming, somehow managed to drop the old toner on the floor.


And strangely enough... it's just now as glamorous as I imagined. And what's ever weirder, as I sit and type in my office with my long painted fingernails, is that's it's different but better. And I kinda like my life... toner and all.

In another twist of fate, I prayed for bosoms and fingernails as a kid too... and I got those. Too bad I didn't have the common sense to pray for flat abs.

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Mimi said...

Is it wrong that the idea of endless office supplies get me all excited! I LOOOVE me some office supplies.