Monday, April 20, 2009

The continuing adventures of "New Guy"

I should probably clarify for some of you who have (graciously) asked me about this -- I coined the term "New Guy" so that 1) I wouldn't accidentally blog my coworkers name, and 2) when he was brand new and under the assumption that he wouldn't make it past 90 days. Ergo, he is not "New".

But just to show that I HAVE A HEART DEEP IN MY CHEST, I thought I'd share this little snipit. Yesterday, I had to cross train new guy on a report, and we started talking about one of my bosses. With the saddest countenance, he mentioned that this boss in particular was rude and disrespectful to him, and y'all, it broke my heart. I mean, I know I've griped (both here and IRL) about not wanting him here, but it made me sad that he's just NOW getting it. He's not a bad guy, he's just 1) a guy and 2) a little goofy.

And I don't if enough can be done to salvage things. And it makes me sad for him.

At least this is how I feel today.

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