Monday, April 13, 2009

Braves Game

Saturday night, some friends and I went to the Braves Game against the Washington Nationals. Except for being, well CHILLY, we had such a good time!!

And they won!!

Ceremony to Honor Chipper and some other guy...

A View from our seats More Chipper, Bobby Cox, and the other guy.

The ATL, Baby!
M, you knew this was going on the blog when you took it, right?
Opening Week 2009

D, J, & Me.
I have NO clue.
The Home Depot Tool RaceFireworks!


Aims said...

My cousin used to date a guy on the minor league team for the Braves and she got to meet Chipper a few times. She said he was a jerk. Looks like you had fun. I always like going to Reds games, even though they are horrible.

Anonymous said...

The "other guy" is that cutie catcher Brian McCann! He won his 2nd Silver Slugger award (best hitting NL catcher). He rocks! xoxo