Monday, September 15, 2008

Attempt to write a post #5428

Err... :) I keep trying to write a post on my weekend, but alas, it ain't happening. It thought I would share this funny nugget with you though.

My mom and I were on the way home from my Aunt's house Saturday night around 11:30. It's dark, it's Georgia, we've already seen a few deer, we're tired. All of the sudden, this white thing with four legs jumps out of the ditch on the left side of the road running like a banshee.

My Mom and I both jumped and I tapped the breaks*.

Until we realize the four legs are actually two pair that appear to belong to two NAKED teen boys**.

With their butts to us, we could tell that one was wearing only tennis shoes and the other had kept on black knee socks.

As soon as we drove by, they jumped back into the ditch***.

My mom and I cracked up but kept driving. Out of the blue my mom says, "well, the only people I feel bad for are the ones in the car who just passed us. I think they'll have a more interesting view, don't you?"

Ha ha ha ha ha.

**It would never occur to a teenage girl to strip down to her birthday suit to jump out and scare people driving by just for fun.**
***Those boys should be glad I didn't have a gun.***

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Staci said...

Oh my funny is that?!