Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello! Welcome! Yes, Polka Dots excite me too!

It's a little conceited I know, but I was long overdue for a change here, and after searching blog after blog for cool designers that didn't cost a fortune, I finally found one! I like the basic features, but thought it was a little dark! Not only did Shauna redo, she also gave another site I put together a really fancshy-shmancshy facelift! If you're looking for somebody that is priced reasonably and has a broad portfolio... check out Shauna!

My friend H emailed me yesterday to tell me she'd won tickets to see Altar Boyz (Atlanta) and ask if I wanted to go! This will be my third time to see this show (2nd time in ATL), and dang it... I'm getting on stage this time! It's time for my off-Broadway debut! If you want to see a show that is reasonably priced and really funny with a good overall message... check it out!

Fall weather is here, and I cannot be anymore excited!!!!!!