Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blogger Etiquette

I got an email about this (both things I'm doing and things I'm not doing) and thought I'd share a couple of tips!

  • If you are a blogger... at least try to figure out your audience. I'm not a mommy, wife, or in ministry (the three main blog types I read), so I decided that if I'm a little chaotic with my blogs -- meaning they are more in line with who I am -- then it's okay!
  • If you read... try to comment!! It 1) encourages the blogger, 2) engages conversation, and 3) is courteous!
  • Share links. Put people up on your sidebar. If your friend Bob is having a giveaway or something... tell your friends. And tell them to tell Bob who sent you. And P.S. -- if someone links you, it's courteous to link them back!
  • Get yourself into some kind of blogreader! I use bloglines, but there are great blogreaders that basically concise all the blogs you're interested into into one page!

These are just a few things you can do! Lord knows I struggle with the first one sometimes -- b/c nobody likes to be that girl that comments too much, but I have to keep reminding myself that, if you didn't want people to read it (in some facete or another), then you wouldn't put it on the internet.

So to recap:

Recognize your Peeps! Comment! Share! Get Organized!

At dinner the other night, I shared with my friends (who often make fun of my blogging) that the truth is that I'm just ahead of the game. That I'm really just one of the cool kids, and they just don't recognize it yet. LOL!!


The Miles Family said...

Glad to be apart of the cool kid club. :)

Bitsy said...

I'm a cool kid now!
(this should be sung like the pullups I'm a big kid now) just in case anyone needs to know that!!!!

Love ya, Bitsy

Broken Shadows said...

I'll have to work on numbers two & three. Number one is kind of hard for me as I write whatever it is I feel. So what would number one be called for me?

My Dirty Apples? But sometimes there good, and then there are some Angry ones in there.

Maybe it's all THE APPLE RAGE?


Ah well hope your having a great weekend.

Jenn said...

No, I think you have #1 figured out.