Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breath. Stretch. Shake.

Horatio Caine did not die. He faked his death. I was squealing and giddy!


Bill Clinton was on David Letterman last night and did a good job of very simply explaining what derivatives and sub-prime mortgages are. FYI -- my brother is the Assistant Controller for a broker dealer who deals almost exclusively with derivatives.

Yes, that makes him a smarty-pants. And me a proud Big Sister.

Bill didn't use his "presidential" voice and just seemed like a guy named Bill who was kinda cool.

Neat but Strange at the same time.


My roomie and I got to talk last night for about 45 minutes. I miss her and can't wait for her to be here. If you think about it, would you say a special prayer for her today? It's been seven months this week since she got sick and I'm ready for her healing!


I love my job. I have a wonderful job. I work with great people. But, I would love to work at the airport. I would never want to be a flight attendant thanks to a made-for-tv movie about a plane whose right wing was ripped off and a flight attendant got sucked out of the plane (but the plane didn't crash) -- (I tried looking for that movie but I remember such vague details that it's a loss!). I just think it would be cool to work at the airport. I would probably need to learn another language though. Maybe two.


Warrior Priestess said...

Feels like we are all growing. Welcome to being a Woman of Accomplishment!!! I'm also glad they didn't kill Horatio. What's CSI:Miami without him? Just a reallhy bad T.V. show that's what.

broadwaydivac said...

& how did the plane NOT crash? geez

Jenn said...

Warrior Priestess... I watched an interview with the one of the producers of the CSI franchises and he said that if Horatio/David were to die, the show would fold because of how his character has been built up. Yes, it would be a bad and quickly discontinued show. Much Love Sister!

Crys... I don't know. If I could find the movie, I would tell you the plot. Promise.