Thursday, September 18, 2008

Various & Unsundry part... 10!

I've been trying to write posts for two days, and frankly y'all, I got squat. I think I expended a little too much energy on that church post, leaving me a little empty in the writing area.

With that said, a good V&U post will have to do:

  • Happy Birthday to Jenn. You are still one of the coolest people I've ever met. I mean... four continents Chica... four continents that you've lived on. And you're just 30 today. You rock.
  • Cool weather, please don't go away. Please stay. 70 degree days = Marvelousness.
  • I've been rocking some Altar Boyz & Elisa on iTunes. Fun times.
  • My friend M. bought a Macbook and has been playing with photobooth. All I can say -- Blackmail. For Real.
  • I cannot tell you how excited I am for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. Can we say -- CBS Fall Premier Week? Yay!
  • With that said, calling me next week may be futile. I'm just saying.
  • I feel like I should be more convicted right now about TV, but I think that you need to find a good escape... books, music, exercise, tv... whatever your vice.
  • I started reading The Shack last night. It really has been a long time since I've read anything like that. If you've read it... I've love to hear your thoughts.
  • For those of you keeping track, my roommate is schedule to return (albeit temporarily) for a few days this week. Please feel free to stop by and see her, but remember that I may be preoccupied. Love.
  • In the town my parents live, gas dropped $0.40 last night to $3.52. WHOO-HOO!

L8R G8R!


Jenn said...

thanks for the birthday shout out!

ppc said...

I thought The Shack was interesting, it made me stop and think about the way I look at the people and circumstances around me every day.
If you want to read a wonderful love story, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. The best book I've read in years.

Jenn said...


I read Redeeming Love and did NOT enjoy it. I'm not one for fiction much... especially not romantic fiction, christian or otherwise. Thanks for the thoughts on The Shack though!