Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clearly I'm having an unorganized week.

I would normally apologize for the continued "list" posts, but frankly, that's all I can come up with. (But I still do appreciate your comments.)


Facebook was acting retarded last night. In the midst of it though, I managed to find a few more people that I went to high school with. It really is amazing to me to see how time has healed some deep wounds, but to also think about the people who want to hang on to junk that happened over a decade ago. Wild stuff.

Speaking of, I have a friend from HS who recently joined one of the armed forces. I have been dreaming about him like crazy, and can't figure out why. I've woken up the last two nights and just prayed for him.


Too. Much. Drama. in my life -- and it's not even mine! Oi. I've got to make a better resolution to not find myself in the middle of somebody else's skirmish.


Cloris Leachman needs to get voted OFF of Dancing With The Stars. See ya' Octogenarian.


On the radio this morning, the show (that I was listening too) were all ga-ga over Clay Aiken's and Lindsay Lohan's "coming out". It made me think about Ray Boltz's coming out and wonder what the church is doing about homosexuality... how we're dealing with it in our church... what kind of education is being taught? I know how my church feels, but I also realize that in the area I live in, we don't have a lot of homosexuals who advertise being members in our churches.

I know this probably opens a whole proverbial can of worms, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.


iTunes... it's magical y'all. In combination with Wikipedia where I can actually figure out what songs I heard on the tv/movie/etc -- I'm lovin' it.


For those of you who have tried calling me in the last few days... I received both of my replacement phones yesterday, so I am back in business. :)


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Paige said...

Jenn, I do enjoy your lists just as much as your regular stuff. It's all good! Paige