Thursday, September 4, 2008

I present you: Randomness.

I downloaded the Altar Boyz soundtrack from iTunes, (I also downloaded New Kids on the Block too!), and have been cracking up at work.


It’s weird how you realize your body is changing without asking you sometimes. I’ve always been a sleeper. As a kid, I would sleep as long as I was allowed to. My grandmother (a woman who slept 4 hours a night most of her life) would get so irate with me. Sleep = Laziness to her. I used to tell her I was resting for the day I had kids. I knew I wouldn’t sleep then. But lately, along with other things in our bodies that change as we age, I find myself tired, but unable to sleep. And the days of sleeping 12 hours… are pretty much gone. On a Saturday, if I sleep more than 8 hours, I wind up with crazy headaches.

I said all that to say that I had a lovely bout of insomnia last night. And then I had some crazy dream about tagging an entire city with graffiti. Go figure.


This week, one of my guy friends sent me the most precious email. He and I are not known to be email buddies, but the inspiration hit him, and he sent me an email that touched my heart. He is deeply in love with this girl, and just shared how he really felt about her. It breaks my heart to know that she doesn’t love him back, but also reminds me how excited I am to meet the person that God has for me. The man who writes those things about me. His words were so beautiful I wanted to share them with you…

“She is wonderful, so much fun, gorgeous, an absolute sweetheart, and in general an amazing person to me. I am happiest when I’m with her, and I’m okay with that for now. I am so very much in love with her. And now, when all is done and that page has been turned, this time the difference is my attitude. I’m not now convinced that everything is perfect and will work out, but I’m also not afraid of the return cycle or the backlash. I went to bed thanking God for the wonderful day and the wonderful time with the girl I love, resolved to let today bring what it may. I am happy for yesterday, and for today my hope is very much alive that I will be happy when all is said and done. I put my faith in God’s wisdom, His design of me, and His generosity and love to fulfill the desires He has placed in my heart.”

Much love,

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