Monday, February 19, 2007


I had such a ridiculously wonderful weekend! This picture only highlights the purpose of the letters. A.J.A.M. represents the first initial (of the first name) of each of the ladies in the picture. This was our second time having this little "retreat" and, God-willing, will be the second of Many!
I have so much that I want to write down! I know that I am going to have to blog in increments, so bear with me!
Some highlights/inside jokes of the weekend:
1) Our respective drives
2) No Teeth, but the best directions ever
3) Olde Tyme Photos
4) Corndogs
5) Snow!!!!
6) The Hot Tub
7) Food
8) that guy that hit M.'s car
9) "I really ordered a hamburger, not chicken"
10) Wine & Cheese
11) Milk & Cookies
12) "Aunt A."
13) Gifts :D
14) The fact that it took us three hours to get ready
15) Naptime
16) Flexibility!!!
17) Everything to do with the bathroom... LOL!
18) Bed Buddies
19) The ducks
20) Getting the keys to the wrong room, ... then the keys not working
This just highlights a few things...

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