Friday, February 16, 2007

Belated Thursday Thirteen

I forgot to post this... AGAIN. This is getting ridiculous. Here you go... Thirteen thoughts running through my head:

1) need to pack for the weekend
2) hit snooze one more time
3) BRRRR!!!!
4) how I'm hungry but nothing seems appetizing anymore.
6) almost getting clipped by a state patrol officer who was not paying attention
7) getting away this weekend... (HALLELUJAH!)
8) t-shirts
9) A.J.A.M.
10) finishing knitting
11) how not to overpack
12) I don't like the sweater I'm wearing today
13) PTL for Healing the Buick!

I'm extending the tag to all. You know you have stuff that clutters up your head too, so share it!

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