Monday, February 26, 2007

unfinished lists...

I am the queen of these! I only finished 7 of the 13 things I needed to do this weekend. But, I did get to see my wonderful best friend of 20 years this weekend, and her baby. I'm not good with tiny babies -- yes, I am scared that I will break them or their heads will fall off, but I managed pretty well. L. and I had a good time! And the precious baby slept most of the time. He's just so sweet. He totally makes me want one.

Yesterday, we went to my Aunt's house to celebrate both of my grandparents birthdays, and I got to see my cousin's baby. He was just too small to hold. He's 9 days old and weighs 6 pounds. (I have dropped more than one bag of sugar that weighed 5 pounds and didn't want to be responsible for permanently damaging this one. )

I had a good time with my Mom... she's so funny.

OOhhh... and when I got home last night, I felt really weird and kind of sick.


Who does that? Too bad that I don't forget to eat more often. LOL!

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