Friday, July 27, 2007


In honor of my 400th post, and since I’m too cheap to buy a domain name or even a Flickr pro account, I thought I would share stuff about me:

  1. My father taught me how to read when I was about 2 ½.
  2. I skipped a kindergarten because of that.
  3. This resulted in me being the second youngest person in my graduating class.
  4. The only other person is sixteen days younger than I am.
  5. I blame my social stigmas in high school on skipping a grade.
  6. I got glasses when I was 7.
  7. I got contacts right before 8th grade.
  8. I also got my last perm that week too.
  9. Quite eventful, huh?
  10. My mom is Shirley.
  11. She’s a natural redhead.
  12. My grandmother is too.
  13. I have a birthmark on my left leg that looks like a red strawberry.
  14. I used to tell people it’s where all my red hair color got diverted to, instead of my head.
  15. I’m still jealous that I’m not a natural redhead.
  16. I seriously, SERIOUSLY, love redheaded people
  17. I want redheaded babies.
  18. But I would like a loving husband first.
  19. I have prayed for my husband since I was 12.
  20. I can’t wait to meet him.
  21. I dream in vivid color, with understood concepts.
  22. I can remember A LOT of my dreams.
  23. I frequently have recurring dreams.
  24. I dreamed about a little redheaded girl for six weeks once.
  25. When the dreams stopped, she and her family started coming to my church.
  26. Her name is Tamara, she’s 15 now, and she’s still one of my favorites.
  27. I wanted to be grown-up as a little girl.
  28. I spent most of my time with adults.
  29. My father used to read/practice sermons to my brother and I.
  30. I understand some theological concepts that adults don’t.
  31. My father has a Doctorate in Theology from Columbia.
  32. And he’s a CPA.
  33. My brother lives in NYC.
  34. Gramercy, to be exact.
  35. I think John Mark is, by far, the coolest, funniest person I know.
  36. When he would cry as a baby, I would beat my parents to the crib.
  37. I had a speech impediment as a child.
  38. I could say “th” or “f”
  39. Kinda stinks when your name has an F in it, huh?
  40. I once painted my nails with a Blue Permanent marker.
  41. I hated anklets (the socks for little girls with lace on them), so I would stick my feet in the toilet so my mother would have to take them off.
  42. I got spankings every Sunday morning for weeks over that until my grandmother found knee socks with lace on them in Boaz, Alabama.
  43. Did I mention I was a preppy/nerdy little girl?
  44. I have pictures to prove it.
  45. I was perfectly content in an Izod sweater, Argyle socks, and a pleated skirt.
  46. Don’t mess with conformity!
  47. I once washed a visiting Evangelist’s daughter’s hair in the toilet.
  48. I was three.
  49. She was two.
  50. Thankfully, I’m not so fascinated with the toilet anymore.
  51. Moving on…
  52. I had fourteen perms in five years.
  53. I’ve colored my hair… I don’t know how many times.
  54. I used to change my hair color in direct response to my emotions.
  55. I’m getting a little bit better at that.
  56. I love rice.
  57. If I were ever stranded on a deserted island, please give me a bible and soy sauce.
  58. I would be just fine.
  59. I credit rice and soy sauce with how my hair has been able to withstand the torture I’ve put it through.
  60. Just think… Chinese people have GREAT hair and they eat a good amount of rice.
  61. My brother and I are 19 months apart.
  62. I have two step-brothers, William Craig (Bill) and William Lloyd (Billy), and one step-sister, Kim.
  63. I have a niece and nephew, Ash’Lee & (William) Chase.
  64. That’s a lot of Williams.
  65. My parents are both remarried.
  66. I’m obsessed with fingernail polish.
  67. I don’t like people to use mine either.
  68. I blame that on not having sisters growing up.
  69. I don’t like people to use my hair brushes either.
  70. Thanks in part to getting lice when I was 8.
  71. My mom washed my hair in Kerosene because it makes lice drunk.
  72. Like I cared that they were drunk???? I just wanted to stop itching.
  73. I don’t sleep with stuffed animals.
  74. My mother used to take them out of our beds because she didn’t want us to have attachments.
  75. I’m attached to my pillow though.
  76. If you steal my pillow, I. WILL. HURT. YOU. That’s a promise.
  77. I love Jesus.
  78. (That should totally be number 1, right?)
  79. I got saved at age 7, and then it stuck at age 14.
  80. I’ve been baptized five or six times. I can’t remember.
  81. My spiritual birthday is September 20, 1994.
  82. That’s the first time I ever met Bradley.
  83. Bradley and I only dated for three months, but it took three years to get over him.
  84. I’ve only loved two men in my life.
  85. They looked A LOT alike.
  86. To the extreme that it freaked some of my friends and family out.
  87. Both are married.
  88. I love Aveeno Baby with Lavender.
  89. I love colored pens… green, pink, and purple are my favorite.
  90. I love opening a box of new crayons.
  91. My favorite color as a child was “GEEN”.
  92. Now, I’m a Red girl.
  93. My favorite scripture is Psalm 37:4.
  94. I share that love with most single women.
  95. We can be kind of a pathetic bunch sometimes.
  96. I am obsessed with wedding hands.
  97. I have both of my parents wedding bands. They are very precious to me.
  98. I sneeze. Multiple times.
  99. Please don’t say “Bless you” after each one.
  100. It gets on my nerves.

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