Thursday, July 26, 2007

I just about DIED!

Okay... I look at people when I drive. I also randomly wave at people, because it just feels good to be nice. My friends get really embarassed when I do this, but I don't care. My brother is a firm believer that this is the reason I should not move to NYC, because New Yorkers would not appreciate my friendliness and may see it as potential to shoot/mug me.

But I do it anyway.

So this morning, I was sitting at a redlight minding my OWN business. I look over at the truck beside me, and the man smiles at me. I waved and smile back. As I looked at him I thought, "He looks familiar." And then I realized:


He is the father of the "somebody" I mentioned yesterday. And I 'bout DIED.

I've told y'all that God keeps me humble. I believe wholeheartedly that God does it in the most subtle ways too. And this morning, it made me think about praying for my enemies, and people that have hurt me, and/or that I don't like. My personal disinterest in folks is no reason to not pray for them. Pray for them anyway. Pray for God to bless them, so that I can be blessed. (I'm not referring to prosperity gospel... don't go there.) Pray that in blessing them, that I understand more deeply Christ's love for my wretched soul.

'Cause I am a wretch. We all are.


Last night, after driving through the flood (good grief it was terrible!), I arrived home to four girls dressed up (make-up, nails, hair, the works) cooking dinner with my roommate. They were so funny! Of course, dinner had to take a backseat to Glamour Shots.

My new name is OLAN MILLS.

After dinner, the four girls, roomie, our friend J., and myself took the aforementioned beauties in dresses bowling. Can we say "CLASSY"? Bowling in a dress is where it's at. You have no idea! We did manage to get in some really funny pictures, too.

But I have a favorite part. On the way to the bowling alley, the girls rode with me. We were listening to Elliot Yamin, singing at the top of our lungs to "Wait for you", when one of the girls starts going through my CD's. She noticed one that said "Booty Mix" and asked if we could listen to it.

**If you've never had the privilege to ride in my car, The Silver Bullet, with rap music blasting, you have not lived.**

So, me, four teenagers decked out in dresses cranked up "Booty Mix" rolled the windows down and, in Sunburned fashion, I turned my camera into a video recorder and we captured the moment. (Jenn H., you would have been so proud of me!) It was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL. If you want to see the video, let me know, and I'll send it to you. I don't want to put these very impressionable girls on the internet somewhere for some creep to see. Anywhoodle... it was still a blast. When we got home, I frenchbraided everybody's hair (including my own... I'm so talented), and I headed to bed.

Here's a few pictures :)


Jenn said...

In response to the first subject of this post - NO WAY!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

In response to the second subject of this post - Making videos is fun, right?! :)

Warrior Priestess said...

You get great insights. So why aren't you called to preach? Anyway thanks for keeping me looking at things in a humble yet loving way. Smacks and squishes.

Jenn said...

Videos are fun!