Monday, July 23, 2007


so, part 3 of round 2 interviews went really well.

the other candidate , j. (who works in the office next door to me) and i were talking about how random the questions were.

the hiring manager walked into my office and said that we (the other candidate and i) needed to arm wrestle to settle this.

then he laughed.

then he looked at us and said, "no,... seriously guys. it may come down to an arm wrestle."


i've had an overwhelming urge to pick up and move to boston. it's getting hard to fight it. seriousness.


i feel very e. e. cumming-esque by not capitalizing. My favorite work by him is "she being brand". we had a hot-tamale student teacher (that man was fine!) in mr. harris' 11th grade english class who used to read e. e. poetry to us. i cannot remember that guys name, but i remember this girl named tammy got him in huge trouble. he couldn't ever read poetry to us again. :(

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